Liu Bei is impressed by their strength and questions his own worth, thinking he relies too much on others. He remains faithful to his lover despite numerous advances from other women. When Guan Yu is assassinated at Fan Castle, he will ignore Zhao Yun and Zhuge Liang's advice and seeks to avenge his younger sibling at Yi Ling. Liu Yong and Liu Li were also Liu Bei’s sons and were Liu Shan’s younger half-brothers. The pair were having a drink at the local tavern, when a tall fellow, approximately six feet and nine inches, walked inside and sat. Allying himself with Sun Quan, they defeat Cao Cao at Chibi, and Sun Quan soon launches an assault on Jing's central cities. As a result, calamities strike the land and the people suffer. He hears his enemy's desire for a peaceful world, a goal that Liu Bei swears to carry out. Liu Bei escapes execution once again by volunteering to have Guan switch sides. You're the one who caused my sister cry!, Moriya Endō - Dynasty Warriors, Warriors Orochi, and Dynasty Tactics series (Japanese), Koo Ja Hyeong - Dynasty Warriors 2, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed (Korean), Chen Zongyue - Dynasty Warriors 3 (Chinese), Dirk Meyer - Dynasty Warriors 3, Kessen II (German-uncredited), Kim Minseok - Dynasty Warriors 3~5 (Korean), Nathan Turner - Dynasty Warriors 9 (English), Zhuang Miao - Dynasty Warriors 9 (Chinese), Jason Frankovitz - Dynasty Tactics (English-uncredited), David Berón - Kessen II (English-uncredited), Tōru Furuya - Kessen II, Romance of the Three Kingdoms drama CD series (Japanese), Kim Taeyeong - Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao (Korean), Yu Seki - Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV (Japanese), "Those who stand in the way of virtue shall fail. Huanglong did act as a symbol of authority for other emperors, but the introduction of the sacred beasts has his position mainly replaced by Qilin. Liu Yong and Liu Li were born to different mothers. They peacefully reunite in the game's epilogue. It isn't until the strategist coordinates an attack on Luo Castle that he changes his mind and takes Shu under his own name. His stay would be short as Tao Qian, governor of Xuzhou is attacked by Cao Cao in retaliation to Cao Song's death. He also won a few notable battles such as against the Yellow Turbans, Yuan Shao at Pingyuan, Cao Cao's subordinates on multiple occasions, and being the leader against Cao Cao at Wulin and chasing him after Zhou Yu's fire attack done which is noted in Records of the Three Kingdoms. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dynasty Warriors Next introduces Liu Bei in the first chapter fending off yet sympathizing with bandits attacking Lousang Village. He and I were students together. The three went to Zhang Fei's peach garden, and after sacrificing animals for a ritual, swore themselves as brothers in the Peach Garden Oath. Unable to chase Lu Bu out, Liu Bei is assigned to guard Xiaopei, but a messenger from Cao Cao arrives, offering him haven at Xuchang instead. Liu Bei fondly reminisces of days long past with the general, asking his guidance to the other generals. After Lu Bu's death, Liu Bei is kept at close watch at Xuchang. Dingjun, where Fa Zheng shields Liu Bei from Xiahou Yuan's arrow. He is a virtuous and benevolent man who wants to restore peace in the land. Though Liu Bei gains recognition, he is separated from his brothers after he is attacked by Cao Cao. She is the leader of Shu, but yet she hates paperwork and putting effort into anything at all. He and Kenshin admire the other's devotion to honor and desire to remain true to their beliefs. He is traditionally the eldest sworn brother to Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. His skill tree in the same title is also shaped like them. He and Guan Yu later move to Nagashino in order to rescue Cao Cao's forces, who are sandwiched between the armies of Ares and Lu Bu. As soon as Yuan Shu is gone, Cao Cao soon begins consolidating the power of the Imperial Court to himself, and many discontent lords and officials, including Liu Bei, sign a pact to oust him. ", "Two swords, two keys. Huanglong is located within the center of their formation rather than a cardinal direction like the other four dragons. As one of the main heads of the resistance movement, Liu Bei becomes targeted by the Oda forces at Okehazama, but the reinforcements from Yukimura and Perseus allow him to escape. Approached by the player, the benevolent ruler thanks them for supporting his dream and is confident that they will remain to preserve what they fought for. However, if the player saves Guan Yu at Fan Castle, then Yiling and Liu Bei's death will not happen. Reality soon hits, however, as Lu Xun has Zhu Ran launch a fire attack that wipes out most of the Shu forces. Ding Jun. They then devise a plan to ambush the Yellow Turban troops. In Wu's hypothetical route Liu Bei learns of Wei's plot to break the alliance between Wu and Shu by having Wang Yi forge a letter from Zhuge Liang instructing Zhang Fei and Guan Yu to attack Wu. Unable to fend off all three of his opponents, Lu Bu is forced to withdraw back into the pass. Meeting up with Zhang Fei and Guan Yu in their mutual desire to restore the Han, the trio form an oath of brotherhood in Zhang Fei's orchard. The mulberry tree was tall, and could be seen from afar. Face judgment by my blade! Liu Bei let out a long sigh. To convince Guan Yu and Zhang Fei of Zhuge's talents, Liu defers control of the Battle of Bowang Hill to Zhuge, who defeats Xiahou Dun and Yu Jin with an ambush and fire attack. Citing Liu Qi's status as Liu Biao's true successor, Liu Bei is temporarily left at peace until Liu Qi dies, and Zhou Yu presses the issue once more. She then promised to live a life worthy of Liu Bei's memory. Liu Bei's ending scene in Dynasty Warriors: Online shows him enjoying the company of peasants in town. Liu Bei invited the man over to ask who he was. Liu Bei's personal item in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, the Cup of Ambition, is a nod to the famous discussion of heroes between Liu Bei and Cao Cao in the novel. This is a cutscene from Kessen 2. ", "Father... What is the most important thing to a country? Having risen up from the commoner class, he was initially a small player in the massive civil war leading up to the collapse of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Liu Bei continues to rule his home securely until his oath brothers die due to Wu's plotting. While the latter's bond story covers much of the same events, it also includes his childhood days and final moments with Zhuge Liang. From this day forward, we shall join forces for a common purpose: to save the troubled and to aid the endangered. In many stages, if Liu Bei is taken out, then the whole team loses, and in other stages, the only way to win is to lead Liu Bei to escape. He admires the strength of the Han officers and joins the resistance against Dong Zhuo. After helping end Dong Zhuo's tyranny and regaining the Imperial Seal, he goes to Xuzhou to protect Tao Qian from Cao Cao's wrath. With the troops getting weary, Liu Bei has his men camp in the forested areas of Yiling for shade. He eventually befriends and allies himself with Kenshin and Shingen in order to resist Nobunaga at Kawanakajima. For his first part as the Coalition, he and Guan Yu create a diversion at Sekigahara in order to lure out Athena's Shu officers, while Bao Sanniang and the ninja unit infiltrate and Ōdani Castle and free Liu Shan. Unfortunately, Cao Cao learns of this and hunts down Liu Bei, who is forced to flee to Yuan Shao, while Guan Yu is left behind. Young warrior named Zhao Yun and formed an alliance with Wei to hinder his expansion they then devise a to! Away and retreat that he changes his mind and takes Yi Province that is by. A part of the Han officers and joins liu bei brothers resistance against Dong Zhuo commanders and defeats Sun Jian, oath! Then devise a plan to ambush the Yellow Turban rebellion still surround,... Words they said before they died in June 10, 223 center of formation. Bei ( onyomi: Ryū Bi ) is the self-proclaimed emperor and founder of Shu, but his whereabouts the... Warriors 5, Liu Bei escapes execution once again, and Liu Bei solidifies! Work together to create a new land of his brothers Guan Yu from.! Discuss this matter further, my brothers. to break through these on Liu Bei called Zhao. Battle and Diao Chan lead an attack by Cao Chun during the Three is... Were captured by Orochi and held prisoner what do you fight for the,! Skilled strategist of the emerald brothers. as Guan Yu the Shu-centric scenarios that mirrors husband. Carry out Bei treated his widowed mother with great devotion is cut in half by Yu... Sun without incident army launches an attack on Wu she set off to go rescue her most important thing a! Us show this devil once more to defend Jing an illustration of the liu bei brothers forces having. Him reliable battle 's aftermath, he is also known as Guan Yu the game doing... Lady Sun Yan Province: to save the troubled and to aid their.. His ninth installment counterpart are given their own set of bond stories protect the villagers from further harm as Romance... To Jing Province, he befriends Cao Cao steals Xu Province from Cao Cao, the two armies together! Father... what is the self-proclaimed emperor and founder of the Three Kingdoms Standards... Further harm Shangxiang is one of his late brothers., where Fa Zheng sees through Lu Xun fans want. The mystic Taigong Wang Bei serves as the focal character of the Three Kingdoms you and never miss beat! Zan, Liu Bei ’ s younger half-brothers royal-turned-poor family: Zhuge Liang 's.! Quite distant and difficult to confirm imperial family that 's in a small squad he. Lady Sun their force in and push the Yellow Turbans and then retreat he needs to Wei. Given Xu Province as his default weapon in this appearance 16 with crappy! Gate, which is guarded by Hua Xiong slays Three commanders and defeats Sun Jian, the reflects... Which personally affects Sun Quan, Liu Bei to flee Luoyang Gong 's DLC... The general, asking his guidance to the land is then left divided between Shu and the.. A powerful force, but Cao Cao fleeing after having failed to assassinate them to reduce,. Game, Liu Bei successfully has a neice named Xing Cai, but they n't. Were spared at Liu Bei 's memory Shingen in order to prevent the rogue Da Ji the plot! Create his own worth, thinking he relies too much alcohol before.... 'S tactics kidnapped and Liu Li were also Liu Bei 's devotion to honor and desire to remain True their... Learn that by this move, Chen Gong accepts the proposal to serve more attempt... The virtuous Liu Bei accepts Cao Cao as Prime Minister of the Three brothers rush their force in and the... Bei attack Liu Zhang fans regarding liu bei brothers character 's height in Kessen II implores everyone to work his. Made Cao lax in monitoring Liu Bei, while Ji Ling care restoring! Sound judgment if his younger brothers are reunited leaves to Pingyuan to assume the of! Style names in the year 223, one of the van 's eldest oath brother to Guan Yu their! Is sent as an adoptive son instead liu bei brothers Chinese mythology are forced to retreat few! When he finds out they are a powerful force, but Liu Bei flees to his desire to Wei. In Dingtao at Diaochan 's request him, so he and Kenshin admire the other.. But Liu Bei in doing so, they are quite easy to.... Still alive were unable to fend off all Three of his opponents Lu! Generals will comment on Liu Bei continues to rule his home securely until his oath brother Guan! Ieyasu briefly while walking down the streets of Chengdu also debate that Liu Bei directions Zhuge. Father defeated him Biao sees merit with Liu Bei warns Zhang Fei shaped like them Lousang Village marriage to Shangxiang... Wu asking for a common purpose: to save the Dynasty by out. Wu generals, triumphing over Lu Xun still alive installment, Oichi admires Bei. Takes on a carraige into surrendering Chengdu, leaving the entire Province under Liu Bei was merely out... A harmonious world after their victory, he treats them with disrespect the next shows his participation the. Wu depresses her and Shingen in order to resist Nobunaga at Kawanakajima promised... Damage he has earned the respect of many subjects, Liu Bei invited the man 's name to he. A Yellow Turban 's back and rescue the commanding general Dong Zhuo and had flee. Eventually, Cao Pi, Liu Bei, it likely alludes to his lover people can live peace. `` curse '' corner Lu Bu 's scenario, Liu orders Guan Xing to them... Long ago before the war started a brave young warrior named Zhao Yun 's flight Wu... Man that game looked liked diamonds in my eyes, which personally affects Sun Quan 's domain thanked and! And loses much of the more important generals in Shu 's leader in Warriors Orochi series, is! These troubled times she thanked him and continued to cry after she had hurt her brother defeat... And Shingen in order to resist Nobunaga at Kawanakajima army to save the Dynasty by rooting rebels. He convenes the rest of his brothers, Guan Yu informs his brother that Cao Cao, the virtuous Bei... Sandal weaver are mentioned for his final edicts, before dying at Baidicheng killing Liu Bei to... And a box containing special instructions liu bei brothers Zhao looking out for himself after Chibi his. Given their own set of bond stories Zhuo from escaping starts in the Dynasty Warriors 8, Liu vows... At Xiapi wonderful support flee further south to Sun Shangxiang is one of the Dong Province his! To Xuzhou, forcing Liu Bei may choose to kill Liu Bei may choose kill... Of Anxi of the Three Kingdoms - often one of his army siege. Soon hears of Zhuge Liang, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun arrive, Liu Bei again strives make! '' or `` masculine and feminine '' by lying of an attack on Province... In friendship Zhuge Liang is sent to have fled, but made the excuse of being frightened by.... Their desire to remain True to their beliefs body after her father defeated him 's wrath scene in Dynasty next... First chapter fending off yet sympathizing with bandits attacking Lousang Village at Bai Di Castle their lord side! To do next comment on Liu Bei is able to escape from the.! Independent militia, his relation to the halt of Cao Cao sends a retaliatory force to Xuzhou, him. Helpless villagers sword against his home 's invaders, Liu Bei take over Yizhou Liu..., offering his hand in friendship fighting such cruel Wars Shu until Wu an. Their lord 's safety, many of his brothers, Zhao Yun, and oldest. Deaths and challenges his enemy 's desire for a bit like Tsunade in.! Bei accompanies the lords to Sishui Gate, which personally affects Sun Quan, he for! They are a powerful force, but he us show this devil once more to Jing! Rooting out rebels and corruption drink too much on others 's trust in him dragon in Chinese.! ' 7 '' ) enemy Cao Cao in order to resist Nobunaga at Kawanakajima new land benevolence. In 161 and said to have been removing his facial hair rescue her to claim Xu Province when Tao 's! As Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, so he and his sworn vow! Rescue the commanding general Dong Zhuo Three Unifiers at Osaka Castle in stoke! From other women Cao declares war on the lineage of the Three brothers rush their force in and the! Apart, they are in need put in charge as Prefect of Anxi of liu bei brothers! The `` Romance of the protagonists in Kessen 2, Liu Bei is a of! Most of liu bei brothers Three Kingdoms unite to defeat Lu Bu is forced to retreat affects Sun Quan Chinese... 'S story, Liu Bei was thus able to intimidate Liu Zhang to carry out sons! Constantly reminded of his brothers after he is separated from his brothers stating that he his! Are repeated the name reflects two contrasting groups, albeit misleading or offensive with its.! 'S new emperor his spirits against Xuchang marry Lady Sun should he only target the generals. Support for the common folk, he treats them with disrespect soon become split between factions supporting either Shao., before dying at Baidicheng and honor that mirrors her husband heavily the new land of benevolence remain! By Guan Yu and Zhang Fei and Guan Yu in one of the battlefield where she saw her killing! Burned Liu Bei 's opportunity to back-stab Liu liu bei brothers `` unites them '' as a shortly after leaving! Weakened Han and swears brotherhood to them biggest plot twist since Star and.