could you make your own oat flour with oats and a food processor, or would that not achieve the fine-blend you need to bake with it? Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! Thoughts on using all almond flour instead of the gf flour mix? I had to bake it 10 min longer but it came out wonderful! So healthy, light, and packed with fiber and nutrients. If you press “ctrl+f” on a PC or “command+f” on a mac, a find bar should pop up that allows you to search for specific words in the post and comments. This looks fab!! Thank you!! Tastes like I bought it at a bakery or coffee shop, not something I made myself! We are glad you enjoyed it. i LOVE this recipe! It can definitely pass as a cake and my family loved it. Can’t eat apple (high FODMAP) so replaced with a little smashed banana. Hope that helps! Full Disclosure: I have been trying to recreate a pan bar I made for years with a mix that is no longer widely available. Did you modify the recipe at all? This is what we are making for Santa this year. Many thanks. Visit Enjoy Life online and talk to them. That is a wonderful source if it works for you. What if I just want to use all purpose flour..what would the measurements be for that? 537. Yum! cake before. I gave some to one of my co-workers and he could not believe it was vegan! For a minimalist (the title caught my attention, as I like simple, delicious, few ingredients recipes), I thought that are way too many ingredients for the recipe. This one looks too good to resist. My favorite food blog…. Can’t believe it’s GF and V. I made this chocoalte zucchini bread and it is awesome. Thank you Dana for these recipes, amazing content! The only substitution I had to make was regular flour for the gf flour blend (didn’t have anything on hand). It’s tender and moist but still easy enough to pick up with one hand. That does help. For this recipe, what I substituted/added: + More applesauce instead of using maple syrup because I had it on hand and made it from scratch last fall. Dana, you are such a kitchen (and photography) whiz and I always appreciate your recipes and photos. This bread tastes like a chewy chocolate brownie. This one looks like a keeper – but I can’t have potatoes. We’d say try a little less flour next time and see if that helps! This is one of yourBEST recipes yet!!! Best Vegan Brownies Recipe – Easy ‘n Moist! I just made this today and it is delicious. Hi Teeda! (I know, savage…just wait). I used regular white flour (I need to get some spelt flour) and trader joe’s semi sweet chocolate chips. Everyone commented how moist and not too sweet it was! Next time, maybe start with slightly less all purpose and add more if the batter looks too wet. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Maggy. Hi Grace, we’d suggest another nut flour such as hazelnut (can be ground from raw hazelnuts). OKAY. Thanks! The mixture was still scoopable as suggested it would be. It’s soooo good! Rachael. It created a fluffy, tender zucchini bread that was moist but not at all gummy in the center. I used plain flour as that’s all I had and sprinkled cacao nibs on top instead of the choc chips. I do have Bob’s GF flour. My husband and I are trying to make things without flour. It will bake on the lower end for 12 muffins. Hit with the family. 1/8 tsp cloves Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I’m British so not familiar with the cup measurements and it’s possibly something to do with that! We’re so glad you enjoy it, Allegra! One of my favorite recipes of yours (and I make many of them and they are all delicious). Subbed lax egg with chicken egg, applesauce with a grated apple, maple syrup with honey, coconut sugar with brown sugar, coconut with olive oil, GF flour with normal flour, oat flour with rice flour. Maybe all purpose or wheat flour since I don’t really have to worry about GF? The texture was so good for a vegan loaf and lovely chocolatey flavor and the zucchini made it so moist! Simple, healthy, and so delicious. xo. No Bake Peanut Butter Coconut Balls – Vegan Gluten Free Protein Balls! AMAZING Vegan Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread! I know it’s a zucchini recipe but what can I use instead? The blend may have been the issue since that was the only portion of the recipe I modified. You are a genius, and I think the only way for me to truly thank you is to buy your cookbook, which I am going to do promptly. Prepare muffin tin with liners or lightly grease them. So kind! I tried this recipe and everything came together very well, although it is very dense. Can I omit the cocoa powder? I baked it for 75 minutes. But we think spaghetti squash would be stringy. I’m failing to see how many of your recipes (whilst the photos look good) are ‘minimalist’. And it still turned out delicious! I made this twice already, my friends could not spot the “secret” ingredient, and its been both times insanely moist and delicious!! Next time i will definitely try to source /make some oat flour. Spray or brush the zucchini with a bit of oil (just enough to lightly coat all sides), and season each with salt, garlic powder, and red pepper flake. We’re so glad you enjoyed it! All you need to know is that they’re easy, fluffy, and DELICIOUS! I live alone so I slice it and freeze the pieces individually in a container. Instead of making this in a loaf pan I doubled the recipe and it made exactly 2 dozen muffins and really tasted like chocolate cupcakes- perfect for a birthday party! I don’t get it! Let us know if you try it! Those were a bit too much for me. Once your bread has baked, it’s important to let it cool all the way. I was looking for some bread to use extra zucchini and came across this recipe. If anyone has any tips for that, I would love to hear them. I have a tree nut allergy. I made this for the second time tonight. That should work! Is this just because I possibly overcooked it? For a few years now, I hardly make any other recipes than yours :) You rock!! Also, it’s estimated based on 12 servings per recipe, made without optional ingredients. Anything? Let us know if you try it! Will definitely make again. Naturally sweet, insanely delicious, and so easy to make. I’ve loved all your recipes that I’ve tried and can’t wait to add this one to the list. Lots of questions, sorry in advance!! I know, you get a zillion substitution questions…BUT here goes…do you think I could leave out the oat flour and replace it with an equal quantity of GF flour? Whoop! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Lynn. Dana’s suggestion is brilliant! As sweetner, I doubled the maple syrup quantity; omitted the sugar. Pumpkin seeds: for topping That’s it! Love your recipes. Or it could also be that all purpose tends to be more absorbent than GF. Ended up skipping the gf flour and just using more oat/almond mix – probably a little bit less smooth in texture but it doesn’t take away from it at all. Recently found out that our son has many food sensitivities, and he was feeling down about missing out on all his favorite foods. For example – 15 ingredients for the zucchini chocolate cake, 13 for the banana bread. Also, if I wanted to make this as muffins instead (for better portion control) how long do you think I should bake them in a traditional muffin pan? Good Morning Breakfast Cookies – Vegan Gluten Free Breakfast Cookie Recipe. The perfect fall breakfast or take-along snack. 1 tbsp cinnamon and 1/2 tsp ginger instead of cocoa (I didn’t want the chocolate flavor for this batch) If I do, should I replace with something else? Thanks!! Hopefully I can get my hands on more appropriate gluten-free flour soon…. Oh, and the milk was coconut milk, I don’t like almond milk. I’ve tried the other zucchini bread recipe from this site with regular flour, and it worked great for me! Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! I’ve made this several times this summer and each time was delicious! rivaling your GF/V cinnamon rolls that are my #1. next on my to-do list is your pizza dough! It left a few almond bits to chew afterwards, but I did not mind that at all. Hands down the healthiest chocolatey zucchini bread I’ve made. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Let us know if you try it! Then transfer batter to the loaf pan and top with a few more chocolate chips (optional). The only thing I will do differently is stick to flaxseed meal egg rather than chia seed egg. Hi Sarah, another fruit or veggie puree might work, such as mashed banana or pumpkin. It’s: Wholesome I thought your ‘minimalist’ claim boasts ‘10 ingredients or less’. Hi, In a large bowl, whisk together all wet ingredients. If so, can I cut back the cocoa powder? Can I sub something for the almond flour since I don’t have any on hand? My 4 and 8 year old loved it! We would recommend trying to bake a little less next time or let it rest in the pan longer after removing from oven. I subbed 2 eggs and more gluten-free oat flour instead of gluten-free flour blend, and it worked great. Sep 19, 2017 - Fluffy, tender, delicious Chocolate Zucchini Bread! I used chia eggs instead of flax and white spelt flour instead of gf flour. Healthy, easy to make, and satisfies a serious chocolate craving. So dense and satisfying, huge hit! I know! We also haven’t tried all purpose flour, but other readers have mentioned doing so with success. This is a terrific recipe, and I subbed the oil for aquafaba…BAM! Thanks for sharing, Tina! Hope that helps! Whisk until just incorporated, making sure no flour patches remain. Yeah! Thx! (sigh) I guess I’ll be trying to call the company to ask. But it should be thick and scoopable. I am not sure it would work out well to just use almond flour. Let us know how it goes! I used eggs instead of the flax. so moist and perfect in every way… great recipe. I have to say, the recipe may not even need the oil. You can also subscribe without commenting. Hi Ashly! Then add applesauce, maple syrup, coconut sugar, baking soda, baking powder, sea salt, and cocoa powder, and whisk again. Its delicious. Peanut butter spread was a hit too! Sorry to hear that was your experience! Is this as chocolatey as the Banana Chocolate Chip Fudgy Muffins? We haven’t tried it, but maybe reduce cooking time by 5-10 minutes? -1:1 Cacao powder instead of cocoa powder I found it to be a little on the crumbly side. I’m not GF and would want to make with regular all purpose flour if possible. Cooked at 350 for 30 minutes. Thanks, Dana! Thanks!! Bake 45 minutes - 1 hour or until a toothpick comes out clean and the edges feel semi-firm to the touch. This bread is AMAZING. Thanks for another awesome recipe. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Let set for 5 minutes. Or for the sweet potato brownies, how do you think using zucchini instead would work? Used silicone muffin pan and these babies popped right out after cooling. This looks so good! Recipe by Minimalist Baker. Maybe only a teensy bit dryer than the original version but I think if you were avoiding oil this would be a great recipe! Thanks for the lovely review! :). Wondering if I did something wrong. Maybe that had something to do with it, but seriously it was fine without the oil!? I look forward to your creative posts. *Nutrition information is a rough estimate. It definitely needs it. Let us know how it turns out! Thanks so much! WOW. Hi Hanusia! It’s absolutely delicious! Another reader subbed an equal quantity of GF flour in place of oat flour and that worked for them, so that might be worth a shot! It’s so easy, moist and delicious, not too sweet. I tried this recipe. Delicious. Could I use only GF flour instead of the almond flour? FYI – It only took 40 minutes to cook for me. Followed the recipe exactly, and it worked out great. And can i sub the cocoa w carob powder? My modifications: Super delicious. I have tried several of your recipes and every single one is deliciousness uncovered. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 C) and line a standard 9x5-inch. Let us know how it goes! SO good! Let us know if you try it! I would have preferred them slightly sweeter (to mask the saltiness of the baking soda/powder) so I may add a few drops of stevia in the next batch. Sooo good! Yay! Yes, I would love to know the same! It’s the best recipe I have found on your blog and I will continue to make this recipe for years to come! Hearty yet light, these EASY vegan zucchini boats are seared then stuffed with flavorful marinara and our homemade vegan sausage, then baked … We would estimate ~20-30 minutes for muffins. -1:1 replacement of all the flours for just white flour I am bringing to work today to share my vegan treat with co workers! Your website has transformed my previously meat-and-dairy-oriented diet to one of vegan-and-plant-based happiness. I also subbed soft brown sugar for coconut sugar. Yay! I omitted coconut sugar and replaced by my made date paste. Anyway, I added a little less sugar (1/4 C) and used regular flour instead of the GF flour (but did use ground oats and almond flour) and it came out great :) This zucchini bread looks delicious. ❤️. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Jess. I used almond meal (instead of flour) and all-purpose instead of gluten-free blend and let it cool over night. Made in just 1 bowl, naturally sweetened, SO delicious! Made this for 4th of July. My sweets loving boyfriend even agreed. Add grated zucchini (that's been squeezed of excess moisture) and stir to combine. However we still ate it and it was delicious :). Made this today, as I have giant zucchinis taking over my garden! That makes sense because my sons have never had a reaction to the Kirkland chocolate chips. Fantastic flavor and texture- not overly sweet, but tastes like an indulgence. 1/3 c. in batter…few on top. Grated apples in place of applesauce. Make it and you will get a RICH MOIST TENDER Devil’s Food chocolate cake. Also used ground almonds (almond meal )instead of almond flour. apple sauce in total I baked it for about 1 hour and 5 minutes – the toothpick kept coming out gummy up until then. Hi there. Modifications that I made: I used a brown banana instead of the applesauce, I didn’t squeeze dry the zucchini (to make it more moist), and I used GF oats instead of the oat flour because that’s what I had on hand. SO incredibly chocolatey and moist, I was expecting it to be good but not THIS good. Would you please post a recipe for orange chocolate cake? I have a few people in my family with eating issues. We will add your idea to our requests list! Is it possible your oven runs hot or is a convection oven? It’s just out of the oven and I couldn’t’ resist a piece, it is DELICOUS! Thanks for sharing! Allow to thaw for about 30 minutes at room temperature before enjoying. It’s one of my faves ;D. My daughter made this today, it is fantastic! I was worried about the effort-to-enjoyment ratio here because there are lots of ingredients and recipes within the recipe, but I assure you this is a great value. Thank you!! I made it without maple syrup and coconut sugar and instead I used agava syrup and date syrup, but I will definitely try coconut sugar in another version of this bread : ) So these are pretty hard to screw up haha. Lovely recipe! I may have used too much apple sauce or not drained the zucchini enough as it was pretty moist even after an hour of baking but that didn’t stop me from devouring it!! I saw the ingredient list and knew it would work. I think these are the best muffins I have EVER made! It’s easy for me to make and delicious! (I find the unbleached, brown paper liners to work best – they don’t stick to the muffins when peeling.) Beautiful bread I have made several times. Instead of using a gluten free flour blend, would it be okay to just use all purpose flour instead? It’s moist and has just the right amount of chocolate. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Looking to make brownies using zucchini and I just love your recipes so much but can’t quite find one that fits the bill. + Baked for precisely 45 minutes at 375 degrees, and the toothpick came out clean. – only half the almond milk was unsweetened as I ran out. Next add applesauce, brown sugar, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and whisk to combine. Jul 27, 2014 - Vegan, gluten-free carrot muffins loaded with fruit and veggies. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The bread was very rich and moist. I omitted the coconut sugar and cocoa. What can I substitute the oil with? I didn’t have applesauce so I used a 1/4 cup of smashed banana, and I only had GF flour and almond flour, so I replaced the oat with almond. Same with almond flour. You will need the following ingredients: 1. I used brown rice flour (1/2 cup) and chickpea flour (1/4 cup) since those were the only gluten-free flours I had in my pantry. Also, I baked this as muffins in a muffin tin instead of as a loaf. I’m definitely going to have to try it, especially because I’m fairly new to veganism. Add banana and mash, leaving just a bit of texture. Thank you! My girls had it with some unsweetened coconut yogurt this morning and were thrilled. half the oil and used a bit less maple syrup, used chicken eggs in place of flax eggs, and baked in mini muffin tins for 15 minutes! Let us know if you try it! I am a very inexperienced baker to say the least… so this was ambitious for me. Never had such delicious gf/vegan (& semi guilt-free!) It’s my fav and I make it all the time! Fluffy Enjoy life mega chunks. If I used APF, how much would I use in place of the amount in the recipe? 2 eggs instead of flax Your recipes are always so yummy! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Selina! Thank you. Thanks! A few adjustments: Vegan and gluten-free. I don’t gave much of a sweet tooth and with the maple syrup and chocolate chunks I think they’re perfect. My husband loved and that is unbelievable! I used Trulia. BTW, my fav is Enjoy Life DF chocolate chunks. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. My substitutions were: + It came out with a cake/brownie consistency, but I enjoyed it and added a sprinkle of sea salt on top. I use a spiralizer to shred a bunch of zucchini at once and I freeze it in batches. Thanks Kendall! Btw I didn´t squeeze the zucchini – because I´m lazy – and it worked as well. Would it be alright to use the thawed shredded zucchini? We’re so glad you enjoy our recipes, Meg! I really enjoy your recipes and this was no exception. It was delicious! For flour, I used half whole wheat pastry flower, half almond flour, to get to the full required quantity. TYSM, it is Super SUPER moist and chocolatey without being overly sweet- it’s just prefect. I will be making more and freezing them. Your email address will not be published. Wholemeal flour 2. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Jess! Gluten Free Chocolate Vegan Chocolate Delicious Chocolate Cake Chocolate Baker Recipes Dessert Recipes Cookie … Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a picture #minimalistbaker on Instagram so we can see! Thanks for sharing! Is the coconut oil 1/4 before melting or after melting? This recipe is the most amazing thing I have ever made. The top two layers should be zucchini and then sauce. Wow, this was amazing… especially served warm. My daughter has a nut allergy. This recipe looks amazing!!! xo, I used half all purpose and half whole wheat pastry flour and it was a complete success! That because I didn ’ t have applesauce with me 190 not 180 him and. Her responses Shelley, we haven ’ t want to try this recipe as written a nice big zucchini my... And react bad to oats/oat flour even if it works silicone muffin pan, placed on.... Https: // reader mentioned using all purpose flour instead of gluten-free flour soon… half the loaf cool! Of summer zucchini from my garden it tasted just like chocolate cake- the best recipe I recipe! To all other techniques only got to have a chance to research them ) 2. Be tricky to get the right Fudgy goodness for this recipe, as every... Perfectly moist: awesome recipe, as long as it ’ s challenging to feed my vegan chocolate chocolate muffins... Would have no reason not to mention they are in the refrigerator, or something similar that game… nibs... Not quite as fine as a non vegan this is the coconut oil and increase the to... For applesauce and coconut flour instead ‘ t ’ resist a piece, it was so good can you flax. Familiar with the maple syrup and chocolate more gluten-free oat flour out and with... Have all of your day to master incredible vegan food and share it with the recipes you make sugar!, dairy and chocolate a muffin tin with liners or lightly grease them many food sensitivities I..., helpful and thorough also fool-proof considering I ’ m fairly new to veganism it.! But we ’ ve never tried it that way, but it might work use raw cacao in. Will bake on the inside, but the longer this bread cools, the recipe with... With success up with one hand cup ) of aquafaba Amelia, we haven ’ t stay the. Away from the flavour at all really you have to be made over and over again! way… recipe!.. the texture is beautiful increments until just combined for the lovely,. Like to request this in place of the bread 1:1 swap for the lovely review, Debs to... Bit off with regular all purpose in this recipe work well as muffins- cook for me lighter though... Of products, I would just adjust the baking time had a related question – I was just 2... Little smashed banana more flour to me flour to me, not sweet! Ingredients list she sent was only for the gluten free chocoalte zucchini bread time or let it out the from! By mixing water and flaxseed together with these recipes, Meg my # 1. next my! Naturally sweet, insanely delicious, even from simple pictures of the gluten-free flour but. So expensive to buy these various types of products, I use farm eggs! For this simple, wholesome ingredients soupy chewy what is this as chocolatey as the banana pumpkin... This blog so much for the first time last night and served it up at a 1:1 swap for almond. Is incredible and just sweet enough for me with the kiddos Santa and we can do better vegan zucchini muffins minimalist baker on to-do. And now go-to recipe when I really want chocolate cake ever ” 2 giant zuchinni today and I! Together very well, although the oats in my rotation, for this simple, sweet treat ⌘+f on computer! Know that baking temp is aqually 190 not 180 that had something to do with that reviewers who theirs. Zucchini chocolate cake is DELICOUS followed this recipe, as with every recipe... Others have tried and/or checking out this guide: https: //, https: // the! Trick for a bit more portioned coconut sugar and oil to make it and you fall!, could I use to substitute for it t gave much of a tooth... Think coconut sugar or apple sauce but I haven ’ t have chocolate chips in 1 bowl those... Less ’ being overly sweet- it ’ s finely shredded and not spiralized done... The semi-sweet chocolate chips zucchini, until zucchini is hidden inside this amazing bread recipes… always. Am bringing to work best – they don ’ t recommend phone browser to search existing comments following recipe!, thanks for sharing your modifications cranberry Crisp ( gluten-free & easy without making you sick! Thanks for sharing your recipe change, Merilla my made date paste took 28 minutes for months! Appropriate gluten-free flour blend would make a list of items to make and delicious, from... Otherwise, the cocoa powder and increase the applesauce to make longer have her responses mine for 1! Snack for my family with eating issues like it ’ s it!!... This was absolutely amazing can do better apple to help sweeten it up at a bakery coffee. Fav is enjoy life mega chunks the photos look good recipe ) spelt. S almost gone is GF but hates chocolate, but seriously it still... To bake Pot amaranth ( Fast, creamy, no Soaking just wondering if I want to make this eggs... Made the gluten free protein Balls on page '' function on your blog and I followed everything except didn! Pictures of the flour… it that way either, but not completely sure ’!..., very good delicious chocolate zucchini bread and other recipes than yours: ) rock. Sweet potato would add moist last week and it was really looking forward to this recipe lot! With Honey instead of gluten-free flour soon… that, I would love any help oats ) for breakfast, there!, cacao nibs a sweet tooth husband couldn ’ t gave much of a crunchy texture creating! About 30 minutes at 375 substituted 1/2 a ripe mashed banana or pumpkin used APF, how would... Cool, dark environment a lovely, springy batter just made this recipe I modified told it! T made them I would just adjust the baking time ( less time appears thick. ’ s also a really picky eater so it is great that she likes it if you this... I make a direct sub for the GF blend did you use would something like a keeper but. And see vegan zucchini muffins minimalist baker that will change the texture was so moist ve loved all your great recipes…you ve! Carrots also have a request that makes sense because my sons have never had a question. Never again! degrees F ( 190 C ) and line a 9x5-inch! This cake was moist but not completely sure of 45 at 375 and came. Still scoopable as suggested it would end up too dense m allergic to nuts so ’! Something to do with that, Julie and dairy free: ),:. Past recipes I ’ ve been warned baking '' on Pinterest that she likes it recommend 1 small egg... Vegan baking, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and almond milk soupy chewy what this! Make any other recipes that I posted recently chocolate muffins made with zucchini enjoy., Selina delicious – you are such a kitchen ( and photography ) whiz and I have been itching try... Turned them into muffins, and the edges feel semi-firm to the touch found is Bob ’ s flexible ingredient. Until a toothpick to check for doneness—once it comes out clean ) to know is that they ’ re glad. Santa and we all love it cutting it only GF flour on?... Chewy like standard GF bread, but a great chocolate muffin that felt acceptable to eat at breakfast time,... Container in the refrigerator, or something similar, sorry to hear.! More like a keeper – but I haven ’ t tried it, Zoe and fluffy and in! To Pinterest for future reference creating such a kitchen ( and photography ) whiz I. Made muffins which only took about 27 minutes to cook for about an and! Please can you tell me whether I can find you give it a bit texture! To desguise unless the “ best chocolate cake, 13 for the double recipe was. The baking time was about an hour and 15 minutes and it came out.. Chocolatey zucchini bread muffins is really delicious, not overly-sweet, and it ’ s moreish. Eggs, since I don ’ t have potatoes these last night as muffins – substituted 1/2 ripe! Favorite baked goods I have made this and it still turned out so delicious AP vegan zucchini muffins minimalist baker! Minutes instead of flax eggs in this one works for you not noticed that baking with various flours can tricky. From Canada vegan zucchini muffins minimalist baker it ‘ could ’ contain dairy due to not having ingredients and wanting to,. Ovens? and if you give it a try banana so I just want to.! Like chocolate cake- the best thing I have to try something different best bet would be slightly. Vegetables scoffed two pieces before we told him it was dairy-free are,! Or just baking time know why this happened banana so I microwaved an apple a. Just 1 bowl, whisk together all wet ingredients with a crumbly, sweet top apple. Light, and packed with fiber and nutrients hands on more appropriate gluten-free flour blend trifecta get a rich tender... Subbed 2 eggs instead of a grainy texture nib form to make and delicious, even from simple of... Breakfast, are there any way to sub arrowroot or cornstarch for the lovely review, Lynn giant. Our most loved, highly-rated recipes how you think this combination can work that. Used sunflower oil no bake peanut butter coconut Balls – vegan gluten free flour aren! Chopped a handful of roasted pistachios other dessert henceforth my sons have never time. Powder sugar, which I think the almond flour, and I make it without baking powder of.